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‘Sanctions on Iran amount to economic, financial aggression’
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c_330_235_16777215_0___images_stories_edim_01_Drbik99a.jpgTEHRAN -- Janos Drabik, a retired senior program editor of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, has said that the sanctions imposed on Iran amount to economically and financially applied aggression. 
Drabik made the remarks in an email interview with the Mehr News Agency on October 5.   
He also said that the West does not seek “a reasonable and just compromise” in the nuclear row with Tehran. 
Securing the hegemony over the Middle East and Central Asia has become a “question of life and death for the plutocratic global elite,” Drabik stated. 
In 2009, Drabik published his latest book Crisis and Truth in which he discussed the collapse of the world financial system and possible solutions to the world economic crisis.
Following is the text of the interview:
Q: Why Israel has toughened its rhetoric against Iran?
A: The power of the plutocratic global elite controlling the Euro-Atlantic region is based on the control of the financial system of the world. The crisis-stricken dollar can fulfill the role of world currency only if energy resources, oil and natural gas in the first place, can be bought for this completely uncovered money in the future too. Therefore it has become a question of life and death for the plutocratic global elite to secure the hegemony over the Middle East and the Central Asian region for itself.
The change of the global power relations suggests that the focal point of the world economy is gradually getting transferred to Asia, and China is going to be the first economic power in the world. China and India are more and more dependent on the Iranian energy resources. The fast development of China partly depends on whether it can count on the Iranian oil and natural gas reserves in the long run. In this respect Iran has become the pointer of the scales. If the West manages to bring it to its own side then the West can slow down the fast strengthening of China to a certain degree, and the United States, under the control of the plutocratic global elite, can remain the superpower with the biggest economy and the most powerful army in the world in the future too.
Israel, which has been created by the plutocratic global elite, fulfils the role of the forward military garrison for the West in the Middle East region. Its regional hegemony is based on the fact that it is the only country that owns nuclear weapons in the Middle East, with an estimated collection of 200-400 bombs ready to be launched. 
The competent international organizations are rigorously supervising Iran, who has joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as well. Israel has not admitted officially, de jure, that it has nuclear weapons, but actually, de facto it does not deny it either. The international organizations and the nuclear powers, including the United States rank Israel among the nuclear powers. The international community is using a double standard in connection with Iran and Israel.
Apparently, the plutocratic global elite has charged Israel and the leaders of its present government with increasing the tension with Iran, which as a result of its geopolitical situation (its size and population) is naturally the leading power of the Middle East region. The Israeli prime minister does not increase the tension with Iran because of the safety of the inhabitants of his country but in favor of the hegemony of the plutocratic global elite.
The breakout of a big war in the Middle East, which would be very difficult to be kept within limits and would destroy Israel that is extremely vulnerable due to its size, is not in the interest of the people living in Israel. Therefore it is only a pretext for Netanyahu to keep frightening the people with Iran’s nuclear program, which otherwise has been verified to be peaceful. His real aim is to force a change of regime in Iran that would place this country under the hegemony of the plutocratic global elite, the West. In order to bring Iran to the side of the West, the global elite has been planning to trigger a “colour revolution”, and they are also seriously considering stirring up separatism and the division of the country by instigating ethnic conflicts. 
If the West manages to spread its hegemony over Iran, it can put pressure on China. It can slow down its economic and military progress by portioning the Iranian energy sources, which have become indispensable.
The hegemony over the Middle East region makes it possible for the West to spread towards the countries of Central Asia as well. If it can draw the raw materials and energy sources of these countries under its supervision as well then energy sources on the global market will be buyable only for dollars in the future too. This will slow down the value degradation of the global currency produced by it, that is, the fast inflation of the dollar.
The United States, which constitutes the core of the global elite, has got exhausted in the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, the material and military burdens of which had to be worn by it, in the interest of the plutocratic global elite but against its own national interests. The American secret services and the American general staff are opposing the war against Iran. Therefore, the decision makers of the plutocratic global elite are considering the preparation of a provocation similar to “Pearl Harbour” so that Iran would take the first step in solving the increased conflict. If the Iranian leadership could be ensnared to take a preventive strike (to defend itself) against either the war-provoking Israel or their strong allies, the American forces stationing there, then it would make it possible to change the American public opinion which is seriously opposing war at the moment. Iran could be presented as the aggressor and could be made responsible for starting the war. Therefore, in my opinion, Iran should undertake the disadvantage that it can only take response attacks to defend itself. Being the first to strike could mean a military advantage in several aspects, but it would also render it possible to turn the public opinion of both America and the world against Iran, naming it as the aggressor. From an ethical point of view, it is extremely important for Iran to stay in defensive position.
Q: What is the West seeking in imposing economic sanctions on Iran?
A: The embargo against Iran is against the norms of public and private international law in several aspects. The sanctions against Iran actually amount to economically and financially applied aggression. The aim of the embargo is to create such tensions among the Iranian populations so that it will turn against its democratically elected government and decision-makers. The same aim is served by the fact that Washington has decided to take off the emigrant Iranian opposition Mujahadeen-e-Khalq, the MEK, from the list of terrorist organizations as a reward for the terrorist group’s alleged decision of giving up aggression and its supplying information to Washington about the Iranian nuclear program.
The embargo brings a lot of ordeals to the Iranian people, who are now suffering privations as well. At the same time, however, it has also forced the Iranian society to produce itself, by leaning on its own talent and self-effort, more and more products that had been previously imported. The achievements of the Iranian scientists and engineers in the field of electronics, cybernetics and information technology are especially amazing. In this respect, the sanctions of the West (in a paradoxical way) have not weakened but strengthened Iran. And they have strengthened the inner cohesion of the Iranian society as well.
Iran, on the basis of the equality of rights and mutual benefits, has made a fair and rational offer to limit the quality and quantity of uranium enrichment in exchange for the abolishment of the sanctions. The refusal of the West so far has indicated that the plutocratic global elite holds its necessary to increase the tensions in the future as well and does not want a reasonable and just compromise. Probably it expects that the Iranian leadership, which has shown great self-restraint and wisdom so far, will lose its patience and after all will resolve to make a faulty, “Pear Harbour”-like step. And this in turn would justify a war against Iran, which the global media would absolutely take advantage of to turn the public opinion of the world against Iran.
Q: What is your opinion about the current situation in the Middle East?
A: Even if the war against Iran was limited to the Middle East region and would not transform into a greater war, the plutocratic global elite could not reach its strategic goal, that is, the re-integration of Iran into the Western sphere of interest. At the moment Iran has a religious and political system with a strong legitimacy rooted in its organic inner development. The sympathy and support of the citizens of such a country is difficult to be obtained by the West if it first applies embargo against these people (by severely violating the international law), and then bombs down their nuclear establishments.
The plutocratic world elite is thinking in a set of values oriented by profit and power and has long ago eliminated the universal ethics and the serve of the public interest and the common good. Islam, as a world religion and culture, has placed the universal ethics above the state and the society. Above the present state power of Iran there is, as the most important power, the universal ethics implied by the teachings of Islam, which everyone has to observe. The essence of this is that you love your fellow men as you love yourself.
It is only Islam among the monotheistic religions, which even today denies the interest, which is nothing else than one form of theft, as it makes possible to monopolize the work of others without compensation. The monetary system and economy of the Islam is highly above the monetary system operated by the interest mechanism of the plutocratic global elite. Even today, Islam gives priority to the value-creating productive work over the monopolization caused by interest. As a result of the interest mechanism, the private money monopoly of the global elite compels the world economy to a forced growth. There is no upper limit for the accumulation of money. The economy, however, cannot grow infinitely on our finite earth. Humankind needs sustainable energy resources, not the unattainable “sustainable” growth. The plutocratic global elite in fact forces humankind into destruction and therefore represents the culture of death. On the other hand, Islam, as a global civilization, which undertakes the universal ethics and thereby the service of public interest and common good, represents the culture of life. Therefore, Iran has risen above the West by its much-attacked spiritual revolution. It i

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