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The West’s pressure on Iran will backfire
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Iran has repeatedly denied the allegations that it is producing nuclear weapons. But the repeated denials mostly fall on deaf ears in the West. 

This is the seemingly never-ending story of Iran’s nuclear dispute with the West, which Western media outlets spin every day and every hour, repeating that Western governments are not inclined to accept that the country’s nuclear program poses no threat to world peace and global security. 

Once a nation reaches a certain point in its technological and scientific development, it is impossible to prevent it from developing and making progress. A glance at the record of Iran’s responses to Western sanctions and threats over the past few years shows that the West cannot win this battle.

The latest round of threats made by Western governments, especially the United States and Britain, which is in the form of the new economic sanctions and a potential oil embargo, has been viewed by many anti-Iran circles as a promising measure that may persuade Tehran to bow to the pressure and stop enriching uranium. 

However, all these efforts will get nowhere. 

Iran regards access to nuclear energy as its inalienable right. This means that it will never take a step backward in its endeavors to attain nuclear self-sufficiency. Access to weapons of mass destruction, including any form of nuclear capabilities, has no place in Iran’s comprehensive defensive doctrine. This has been obvious since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.  

However, the West has been trying to destroy the Iranian economy for decades. But these actions have never had any palpable impact on the daily life of Iranians. Not one Iranian believes that the country would have had a better economic situation if the West had not imposed sanctions.

The Westerners are looking for an excuse to start another war in the region. Western media outlets have used Iran’s recent naval maneuver in the Persian Gulf as a pretext to intensify their Iranophobia campaign. Some Westerners have also said that the naval maneuver was a prelude to a nuclear test. The remarks of some Iranian officials, who said Iran would close the Strait of Hormuz in response to an oil embargo, have also been interpreted as warmongering moves.  

So why is the West so interested in creating a media hype around Iran and its peaceful nuclear program? 

The answer is that the United States is concerned about the massive influence Iran has gained over the past few years, especially since the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan began. The rise of Iran has altered political equations in the region, which has frightened U.S. officials. 

Western media outlets are trying to convince the world that Iran’s trump card in its current showdown with the West is not the threat to close the Strait of Hormuz and choke off the world’s oil supply, but rather will be a test of a nuclear device.

According to this farfetched scenario, any kind of nuclear test, even one like North Korea’s ambiguous 2006 nuclear blast, could give the Iranians exactly what they want -- a standoff that would preempt any conventional attacks by its enemies.

Although Iran has many options besides closing the Strait of Hormuz to respond to any military assault, the country’s defense doctrine is mainly based on spiritual power not military capabilities. This spiritual influence has already created a nightmare for the West in the Middle East and many other parts of the world.

The masses in the Islamic world and even in many non-Muslim states feel a strong connection with Iran due to its brave anti-hegemonic policies. These people would harshly condemn any attempt to destabilize Iran. 

This is what the U.S. policymakers and generals are worried about. In other words, imposing pressure on the Iranian nation not only intensifies anti-U.S. sentiments across the globe but also makes the Iranian government more determined to continue on the path of resistance in order to defend the rights of Iranian citizens. 

The West’s pressure will backfire due to Iran’s connection with the countries of the Global South.

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