Morsi must solve the crisis now
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Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s recent controversial decree, which gave him sweeping powers and reduced the influence of the judicial system before he annulled it on Saturday night, should be analyzed from various perspectives. 
Many Egyptians welcomed Morsi’s decree and regarded it as a major step that could have helped him discharge his constitutional duties and meet the expectations of the country’s revolutionaries. In their view, Morsi should be given the authority and the proper means to safely steer the revolution through the current turbulence. 
However, other groups and individuals, especially secular figures, harshly criticized Morsi’s decision and called it a clear return to dictatorial rule. This was a driving factor behind the recent street protests and bloody clashes in various cities, although some political analysts say certain Western countries are also making efforts to incite unrest in Egypt.
Other political analysts believe that Morsi made the unexpected decision and insisted on exercising his constitutional rights because he is not fully familiar with the mentality of the Egyptian people due to the fact that he lived in the West for many years.  
The decree revived the public discussions about the possibility of a return to autocratic rule in Egypt, with power concentrated in the hands of one man. Morsi’s dismissal of a number of generals over the past few months and his appointment of new figures in the military and the recent move to reduce the power of the judiciary have created some suspicions among secular groups that Morsi really wants to establish a new dictatorship. They are also worried that he may try to take the country back to the Mubarak era. All this led to the misunderstanding about Morsi’s decree. 
The continued disputes raise the possibility of national disorder, which could seriously threaten the Egyptian revolution. Thus, Morsi has no option but to immediately find a proper solution to the crisis. Otherwise, chaos will break out in Egypt, and this would seriously threaten the efforts to realize the ideals of the revolution.
Hassan Lasjerdi is a political analyst and an expert on Turkish politics based in Tehran.

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