Iran’s NAM tour de force ruffled feathers in Canada
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Iran’s successful hosting of the NAM summit in Tehran greatly angered the United States and its allies. 
In one of the most hurried and unwise reactions to Iran’s diplomatic victory at the NAM meeting, on Friday the Canadian government closed its embassy in Tehran and ordered all Iranian diplomats based in Ottawa to leave Canada within five days. The move has been described as a totally uncalculated, untimely decision that only sullies Canada’s image and makes it more difficult for Ottawa to maintain its independence and sovereignty in regard to its foreign policy. 
However, the closure of the embassy will help Iran strengthen its anti-hegemonistic policies against the United States and its close allies, including Canada. In other words, Iran has the upper hand, especially since it has assumed the rotating presidency of NAM, which enables Tehran to coordinate the policies adopted by member states toward Canada and other major allies of the U.S. and Israel. 
In this situation, Iran loses almost nothing. But, quite the contrary, the Canadian government will suffer greatly as a result of its decision to cut its relations with Iran. Despite the massive economic and political pressure imposed by the West, Iran has managed to keep its scientific train on the path of progress, and has even had major achievements in the areas of nuclear technology, missile design, and satellite systems.   
The Canadian universities which have educated thousands of Iranian students over the past few decades will suffer huge economic losses. Moreover, Iranians have played a major role in the scientific and academic development of the country. The severance of diplomatic ties with Iran only deprives Ottawa of the vast capabilities of Iranian immigrants. 
Canada’s move is closely connected to the U.S.-directed international pressure on Iran to halt the uranium enrichment component of its nuclear program. It will serve U.S. officials in their propaganda against Iran, especially in the presidential election in November. However, time will show the futility of Canada’s diplomatic subservience to the U.S. The Westerners are also aware that Iran is experienced enough to give a convincing response to such political maneuvers.
MP Mansour Haghighatpour is a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Majlis (Parliament).

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